I want to write a story about being --- without using the words ---, ---, ---, ---, or ---.

Without describing the character's --- or his uncontrollable desire for ---.

What about his fascination with ---? How do I express it without writing a "--- story"?

It seems impossible.

Now that I think about it, most of my stories are technically ---. I don't write about much else.

I've pigeonholed myself as a --- writer, maybe because one must have a "gimmick" or a "project" in order to be accepted into a particular niche within the literary community.

From within this niche, one's work is expected to pay homage with subtle or overt references to previous works from others within this niche. Let's call this litcest.

Litcest is compulsory. Your writing becomes little more than a series of referents to ideas that hardly excite you after the first or second draft.

You forget altogether that these ideas are not your own, and yet they feel somehow foreign, like your older brother's hand-me-downs.

The litcest becomes second nature; you hardly recognize that you're doing it, until the draft in your hand is a litany of ideas you admire and hate--personal and foreign--because they were never yours to begin with.

So that when you try to write something fresh or refreshing--so that you can sleep better or wake up knowing that today is unique because the writing is not as dull as it was yesterday--you realize that you are and will always be a --- writer.

Fuck ---.

How do I tell an un--- story? Is anything un--- now?

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