I don't have anything very smart to say but if I don't say anything I won't.

I wrote a poem once now twice with a line and then a title that goes: stop drinking stop drinking or you won't


Also there are zombies in the poem.

All that said, there is something worth mentioning about place and moving places and places that move. We're all in the process of this. The having moved and the settling. I went for a bike ride today into the Marigny to check out a coffee shop that might be hiring. On the way there the roads were all in my favor, but on the way back they were one way the wrong way. This seems important. Like: you can't go back. Even short distances. Or you can, but you risk being mowed down by white pick-ups turning left. And also: never retrace your steps. I had a friend in China with this policy and we took many circuitous adventures. It is long and often dusty that way but makes for more of everything.

1. You can't go back
2. Never retrace your steps

And in the meantime it is nice to be in New Orleans now. I look around and I wonder how I'll ever leave this place. But it is one of the moving places and might leave me*. Still, it's nice to think about building a relationship with a place rather than a person. I'm tempted to say it's less dangerous, but see * above.


Jenn Marie said...

a pt: the thing that didn't reveal because i tried to make the computer do something it wouldn't was:

start writing start writing or you won't

that's what i have to say about writing right now. ye olde importance of simply finding time and space for it in all of the new times and spaces.

Susan Kirby-Smith said...

hear, hear!

with the teaching of 4 comp classes I start to feel like I don't need to do anything else because that was so much work
I deserve to just relax. The first day of the first week I literally couldn't step over my roommate's propped-up legs to drag myself to bed and instead kept collapsing into desperate giggles of fatigue.

but if I don't do writing on a daily basis, who is going to do it for me?

I'm hoping that in this upcoming 3rd week of teaching the anxiety and uncertainty of who/what/where/why/how in my classes will abate and I'll be able to find that precious time again when I do what it is I wanted to do in the first place.