Judge Me By My Outputter

Everyone loves me nowtiny demon
but what about after
when my snout is wrinkle worn
and my sphincter is open all day
dragging the ground
mucking up the tiny love
hole the Monkees crawled out
with their fine hit songs

Nevermind why I love you

I rub my jelly all
over his cold davy jones

Now he's yawping like crazy

Chew on that
you old sorry fat

This is a letter to myself
if I ever grow old or start dieing

Never forget this day
reeked with old sphincters

Davey Jones born Dec. 30, 1945 (65 years old)
Michael Nesmith born Dec. 30, 1947 (63 years old)
Peter Tork born February 13, 1942 (69 years old)
Micky Dolenz born March 8, 1945 (66 years old)


Jordan Soyka said...

I'll still love you, DeWitt

DeWitt said...

Thanks, Jordan. That's what keeps me worried at night.

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