Fire, Secret Life of

The Peace Lily is a tame plant, but let's look at some plants which would kill you as soon as provide you air to breath.

The first plant which is a killer plant is the human. Its eyes are tell that it is looking at you. Its ears a sign that it is hearing you. Its teeth a clear indication that it means to eat you, alive if possible, dead if all that's available.

The human grows from a fetus into an adult and is deadly throughout the whole maturation process. Some say that a mature human is the deadliest. Those who say that are lucky to be alive.

The deadliest human is the fire human. The stage of growth in-between being unborn and just after learning to walk. This time can be determined most accurately by reciting the words, "I call on Rathgar! The mighty destroyer!" if there is a burning noise followed by a giggling noise followed by a poop smell, then it is a fire human most assuredly a cannibal.


Another deadly plant is the Peace Lily, but that's for next week.

Until then, don't forget to be a daisy.

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